Cruz Blew It – For All Of Us 

                            By Steven Maikoski

​                                     7/21/2016

No, Senator Cruz did not have to endorse Donald Trump.  If he had I would have considered it as phony as a Hillary campaign ad.  We already know that the Cruz faction considers Donald Trump to be a character something this side of the father of Rosemary’s Baby; so, an endorsement by Ted, even a phony one, would have no effect on the election. 

 Senator Cruz is a constitutionist.  I am a constitutionist.  I study our Constitution, the Federalist Papers, the anti-federalists and read associated writings from Algernon Sidney to Forrest McDonald. When I met Ted Cruz (after his appearance on the Jay Leno Show), we talked for some time about the Constitution and our politician’s reluctance to address it properly.  I gave him one of my books, which sets the Constitution at the political center instead of the right wing, and his staff asked for another.  

 But, at the Republican Convention he didn’t even mention the Constitution until half way through his speech!  I was waiting.  Instead, he was grabbing at heart strings.  He mentioned the Constitution only three times in total before he waved off and left the stage.

 “That’s it?” I wondered.

 Here’s why Senator Cruz blew it:  He didn’t have to endorse Donald Trump, but he could have challenged him, even while being snarky about it.  Here’s my suggestion, Imagine Ted saying this: 

 “Donald Trump is now the Republican Party nominee.  I, along with many others, didn’t want him here, but that’s done.  The party has spoken.  But, like any business deal, we need to lay out our cards and stop bluffing. Mr. Trump is a businessman, so let’s get to business.”

 The first thing I wish for Candidate Trump to state is how he respects our Constitution.  Does he seriously consider it to be the foundation of our government and all law, something to be taken seriously; or does he view it like the liberals’ version, as living and breathing?  

It’s a good question, and an important one.

Now, in Article II, the Constitution lists several duties for the president.  He will commission all officers in our military, and appoint ambassadors and judges, of course with the “Advice and Consent of the Senate.”  It is here that we must ask Candidate Trump if he will only nominate judges who understand and respect our Constitution?

Another duty of the president is found in Section 3.  This is one of the most important duties of the president.  “He shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”  This order from the Constitution defines the office of the President.  He is the chief law enforcement officer in the United States, he is NOT the leader of the American people.  He is to enforce the laws, not change them. 

So, Mr. Trump, will you take care that the laws be faithfully executed? Or, will you claim current law needs to be reformed and NOT enforce them?

We have seen what happens when citizens do not respect the law.  They kill police officers.  They riot and murder.  When our politicians do not respect the Constitution, they open the gates to corruption and political manipulation instead of justice and freedom.  Respect for the law is very, very important.  The Constitution has this order for all presidents:

Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:—"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Obviously, this oath has not been taken seriously over the last few years.  So, Mr. Trump, will you take this oath to heart, seriously, not only on the Bible, but on the graves of all your forefathers?  Yes?  No?

One last question.  There is only one guarantee in our Constitution.  One.  It’s found in Article IV, Section 4.  Think of it as two 4’s.  44.  We now have the 44th president, who ignores this guarantee, which states in part:

“The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion”

You talk about building a wall.  Lots of politicians have done that, but, still no wall.

Will honor the Constitution and stop this invasion?

End Speech

Now, even if you don’t like Cruz or Trump, don’t you think this would have been a good thing for our nation?  Screw the differences, let’s focus on the nation!  But that is not happening.  Senator Cruz doubled down on the differences when he used the phrase “vote your conscience.”  That’s when the audience turned ugly, because they knew what he meant. 

That phrase, “vote your conscience,” is horrible.  It means so many things to so many people; heck, Hillary, Black Lives Matter, the Communist Party and any religion can use it as well.  But when Senator Cruz uses it, it means: vote for me.

Tonight’s speech provided Senator Cruz with a wonderful opportunity to seek common ground on constitutional principles.  It was wasted.  Instead, the division was increased, followed by immediate fundraising emails by the Cruz campaign (I’m not kidding).  

The Senator’s followers were spirited by his speech.  One of the Cruz supporters foresees a Hillary win because Senator Cruz is not the candidate.  He wrote that he will cherish the moment Hillary wins because he can get right in my face to tell me how wrong I was. I have no doubt that this egomaniac will vote for Hillary to feed his pride - - and I do wonder how he knows that Ted Cruz can beat Hillary in the first place. 

What we are now seeing is a failure of patriotism caused by party division.  At a point, true patriots do what best for their nation.  You have a choice between two main candidates, take one!  Sadly, the non-patriot will vote for a candidate who has no chance, because that exercise makes them feel better about themselves.

In my opinion, former Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell gave the best speech of the convention.  It was from the heart; he loves his country and its people.  He’s served in the military and understands what patriotism is, what it takes to keep this nation working.  I suggest that everybody listen to that speech again and ask yourself if this division, the anger, the conceit that comes from this convention, is good for our nation. 

It’s not.  Follow Marcus Luttrell’s lead.