Arguing for the Constitution

This is a unique book; there is no other book like it on the market.  It sets up a logical foundation of analyzing politics.  It actually surveys political discourse, defining what characteristics place a political act left or right of the center and defining the center itself!

Why is the foundation of our law, the Constitution, not the foundation of all political measurements?  It's because the liberals have changed the foundation of debate; we have let them. 


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​"I have read your delightful book from cover to cover.  It is a masterpiece of research, a great thesis for an advanced degree.  It belongs in every school program."

Col. Robert L. Bobbit, USAF ret. (Las Vegas)

"I heartily endorse and profoundly agree with" centering the Constitution.  (8/15/2013 hour 3)

Rush L.  (Talk Show Host)

"Steve's survey of the Constitution is the first I've seen that makes sense out of today's politics.  He has opened new ground with this book."

Karl N. (Paramount, CA)

"I fully enjoyed this book.  It gave me an entirely new perspective on today's politics."

Peggy H (U.S. Navy)