Free:  How the Democrats abuse


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Many years ago the Democrats set a system of debate that gives them the advantage with our younger voters - and the Conservatives do not understand what happened and don't know how to fight it.

This original book explains why the conservatives continue to lose their debates with liberals.  It also refutes the arguments about "right and left" that have been made by Cleon Skousen, Dennis Prager and others. It is a book about logical arguments; it provides clear and concise depictions of the political center, left and right and defines the intensities of arguments.

There is no other book like it.


"Arguing for the Constitution" (revised June 2017) explains why the conservative cause is currently handicapped from the onset of any political argument.  It offers a new, sensible paradigm on political communication and is filled with original ideas and artwork.  It's an original work.

This short book is filled with historical information and new tactics for the conservative.  You will love it!